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专题正文:D.there are 我看到你回答过这个题。我和他唯一的区别就是C选项不一样。书上给我的答案是A。可是我不明白是为什么一般来说用 who 提问用单数回答,回答要和提问一致,it 是和 who 呼应,并不和 children 呼应. 补充: 实际全句是 it is the children who are making是这样一道题 用下列词组造句,选用a,the或some: 1 found /coin/ garden. 2 put /sugar/ my tea. 3 cut /wood/ fire. 4 bought / newspaper. 5 made / coffee. 6 like / curtains in this room1 found /coin/ gard歌曲名:In The Garden 歌手:Willie Nelson 专辑:The Troublemaker In The Garden I come to the garden alone Whil

the largest garden in

the master of nets garden

cleanthefloor|inthegarden素材|in the garden | 红黄蓝|早教|早教中心

谈谈你对James Thurber 的语言的感受。 The Unicorn in the Garden Once upon a sunny morning a man who sat in a breakfast nook looked up from his scrambled eggs to see a white unicorn with a golden horn quietly cr中英文!It happend the same week they took him away 发生在他们带走他的同一个星期 workers hacked down all the trees in the歌名:The Neglected Garden 所属专辑:《借东西的小人阿莉埃蒂原声集》 发行时间:2010-07-14 语言:英文 歌手:Cecile Corbel 歌词: So many year

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cleanthefloor|inthegarden素材|in the garden | 红黄蓝|早教|早教中心

THREE ARE SOME FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN.歌曲名称:The Garden 演唱者:DJ Carpi 歌词:There were flowers all aroundAnd the colours of the skyIn the end of

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